Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions. You may have noticed this is a new website and as such, is constantly being changed and updated. All of this is going on at a time when I’m transitioning from being fully employed and rarely working on my art to now fully focused on my art and being on my own. It’s a nerve-racking business, being a full-time artist. I don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of website design and as such I’m at the mercy (with much gratitude) of other people’s time constraints.

I’ll be doing my first street festival this weekend and though I keep saying I don’t expect much in the way of sales it sure would be validating! My first actual art fair will be at the end of this month at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and so I am frantically producing fiber pieces for that show.

I’m also just starting to learn the new kiln and am very excited to start producing art glass pieces for next year’s festival season. It goes to the core of what I believe in as nearly all of the pieces will be recycled glass. There will be no bottles with labels on them stuffed with lights. There will, however, be recycled bottles that have been transformed into lovely flowers and quite possibly wired as chandeliers – we’ll see.

It’s all very exciting and thus the progress on this site may be a bit delayed as to organizing. This message should be received as “Pardon my mess!”.

Have a great one!