Pyrmid Hill Sculpture Park Art Festival

008 007 009Been bustin’ my hump trying to get everything in order for this weekend’s art festival.  After the last festival’s trial run we came up with some ideas of things that would make the booth better.  The display screens I used in the last show weighed a ton as they were solid wooden slatted doors!  So this week I built foam core boards, covered them in burlap, and built out the frames to be joined at an intersection in the center.   Then I ended up with so much display space that although the booth looked full last time now it had doubled in size!  So I managed to finish up another 25 pieces, thank goodness, so that the boards don’t look empty.


I’ve just about finished all of the labeling,  inventory tracking, and layout so that I can pack it all in the truck and be ready to go in the morning.  Nothing quite like the feeling of getting it all done and knowing you’ve got everything you’ll need to sit in a booth for two days!  Come see me.  I’ve got LOTS you’ve never seen.