Post festival brain-fried

Well as trial runs go I’d say it was successful and informative. It’s validating to see people’s faces light up and watch them really scrutinize every piece on display. It’s always fun to me to watch the confusion as people approach a piece thinking it’s a painting until they get up really close on it and realize there are stitches everywhere providing the details and sketch lines. I often get the question of “what are they?” or “is there anything in between?” and my response is that they are all quilts. I like to take the ugliest piece of hand-me-down fabric and torture it with different processes until it is completely unrecognizable. The festival attendees yesterday seemed to be astonished when I’d tell them what the fabric used to look like on a particular piece. Like how all of the little framed pieces were the most hideous cowboy/cattle rustler print and now look at them. So it was a long day in which my sister, like a champ (14 hours worth), stayed and manned the booth with me. I have such a hard time just sitting still and she was my rock. It’s good to have a really great sister who’s got my back!longstone2014