Life Changes… New Ventures and Adventures

crystalTo the Campaign!!!

So once again it’s bee a while since I’ve posted anything but this time it’s because I’ve partnered up with another fabulous artist and we’re trying to open up a nonprofit arts school in Hamilton.  We’ll be teaching all the crazy stuff that we do that they don’t teach in school, or at least very few schools.  I’ve put my house in Milford on the Market and have been steadily moving my things north to Hamilton, OH.

We would love it if you’d have a look at our IndieGoGO campaign where I’ve posted our video with some of the kids we’ll be working with and we really go into detail about what we’re offering and why we’re doing it.  I think it’s pretty good.  We can use all the help we can get and who knows, maybe you’ll decide to join us as a student or perhaps a guest teacher!  It’s all about art and community.  Please join us!

Jen Siegrist – Creative Director, The Creative Flow Arts Center, Hamilton, OH