Finished a piece I’ve been working on for a year

Somewhere...BluebirdsActually it’s been a little OVER a year now but management jobs have been hindering my artistic drive.  Until now, having quit my toxic job and focused again, I have been unable or just uninspired to create or finish anything.  My father passing just after I started this piece didn’t help much either.  I moved out of my house, put it on the market, and then reversed the whole process over the last year.  Now, having moved back in but basically starting from scratch, I have laid out the house as an actual working studio.  I have the sewing and design studio, the glass and kiln studio, and the dining room is actually for clay molding and encaustic work.  The laundry room is all set with new drains and laundry sink for dye processing and the garage/drive are still set for all of my sunprinting activities.

I’m focused and full of creative juice and, with having finished this piece and the 31 smaller pieces for my first fair, I think I’m on the right track.  Next!