Back to Business

As the ground finally starts to look like soil again and the season begins again it’s time to focus energies on the future.  I’ve been in production over the winter mainly for custom pieces but not worry, I’ll have 2 new pieces completed for show soon.  I’ve gone back to driving.  I’ve been consumed with my job and lost sight of my own objectives.  It got so bad my health was becoming an issue.  I lost 16lbs from the stress of never knowing what disaster I was going to be responsible for each day.  I seem to have rose colored glasses when it comes to hope and new jobs.  This time was heartbreaking.  Now, tucked safely back in my studio, I am only responsible for my own disasters.  Working day and night to build a business plan and proof of concept to bring all of my passions together for a retreat space like no other.  Art workshops, wine classes, gallery shows, sustainability workshops, and hospitality all combined to give each person not just one piece of the puzzle but the whole experience.  It’s taken so many years to pull the idea all together.  This could finally be it!