Artist Statement

Material Manifestations

I am fascinated by the interaction of light and color on mood. The decidedly different affects of crisp lines and decisive palette juxtaposed with soft tones and suggestive subject. Enthralled with the interplay of light and shadow told by thread direction as it sometimes captures the light and at others shies away deepening the saturation.

Just as oil painters add depth and texture in varied thickness of paint, so too can layers of stitching in fiber lend visual dimension to the composition. I work in metaphorical imagery translating the psyche on to the fabric yielding an image at once revealing and intimate and yet safe in its beauty. The true meaning only to be seen by those who choose to look beyond the surface.

To spin a yarn, weave a tale, to share a common thread…

detail image of phoenix and flaming sun

detail image of phoenix and flaming sun

Artist Bio

I was born in Cincinnati to two creative minded teachers and thus I was taught very early on that there was nothing that I could not do. I’ve pursued many different mediums over my lifetime, but have fallen head-over-heels in love with fabric. My mother taught me to sew when I was about 5, and the love affair has never ended. Although I did go to few colleges; (for business, accounting, wildlife biology, and horticulture), I have never taken an art class. In art I am completely self-taught and I find learning new mediums through experimentation to be fascinating.

I strive constantly to educate and inspire those around me in order to further the goal of elevating contemporary fiber art into the world of fine art. I am constantly learning new techniques, as well as perfecting previous ones in the process. Working with all different types of fabric, acrylics, oils, and found objects I can create not only the basic two-dimensional designs, but also attain the illusion of movement as light dances across the surface.